How to submit an abstract and other FAQ

1. How do I submit an abstract?

If you want to submit an abstract, you must register with this website as new user . This must be done even if you are an ESHET member or if you attended last year's conference. However it must be done the FIRST TIME ONLY. Once your name is in the database of the 2008 website, you will be recognised anytime you log in.
The procedure is the following:
a) click the words “new website user” in the home page and a new page will appear;
b) If you are an ESHET member , fill the upper part of the screen; if you are not, fill all the fields with a star in the lower part of the screen;
c) Click OK
d) A new page appears which welcomes you. If you want to submit an abstract immediately, click “submit an abstract”. If you want to do it later, logout
e) When you are ready to submit your abstract, login by writing your user ID and password in the area in the lower left corner of the home page. (If you forgot them, click Forgot your password?) Then click “Paper management” and follow the instructions.

2. I have a co-author, but I do not find the space to insert his/her name.

Write  your abstract  and click "save". The  spaces  where to insert the co-author , his/her affiliation and e-mail will appear  on next page.

3. I logged in, but I got the message: "Your User is already being used, please change it and submit again!"

You are likely to have written your userid and password in the wrong place. You must not write them where you registred as new user, but in the "User login" area, which is in the lower left corner of the home page. See image below.

4. How do I know whether my abstract has been accepted?

You will receive an e-mail from the organizers. However, you may also check the status of your paper by logging in and clicking "paper management"

5. How can I modify my abstract?

You cannot modify your abstract until it has been accepted. After that, you can modify it . To do so, log in, click paper management, click the icon with the pencil, modify the abstract and save it. You can modifiy your abstract as many times as you want. The final version will appear in the book of abstracts of the conference.

6. How can I upload my paper?

You must login, click paper management, and follow the instruction. The paper must be in pdf format.

7. How can I pay for the conference fee and register for the conference?

You must have registered with this website as new user. If you have already done so, login, click “registration” in your personal area and follow the instructions.

8. Can I pay for the ESHET membership fee together with my conference fee?
We are sorry, but you cannot.

9. How can I pay for ESHET membership fee?

In order to pay for the ESHET membership fee, go to , click “membership” in the red box in the upper left corner and then click “How to become a member or renew membership”

If you have NEVER been a member, you can click “new membership form” in red characters, and follow the instructions. When asked to choose userid and password, please use those that you chose when registering with the conference website, or the system will not give you access to the discounted fee.

If you have been an ESHET member before, even long time ago, you must login at, (click Forgot your password if you forgot it), and click “membership renewal form” in the “Members only” box. Then follow the instructions.

10. I have renewed my ESHET membership but the system does not allow me to register at the lower fee for members only.
Give some days to our Treasurer to update your data. if you are sure that the data have been updated, there is a problem if you registred with the conference website and with the ESHET website with different   userid and password. The system does not recognize you. Please contact the technical assistance of the conference website which  will modify your password.

11. I had problems in passing from step 2 to step 3 of the registration. It seems that the program cannot save my data. What shall I do?

It has to do with the way in which you browser has been set. Close it and start again.