Gala Dinner

Saturday 16 May 2015, h. 20:00
Palazzo Brancaccio, Viale di Monte Oppio 7
Due to a serious damage to the plumbing system, Palazzo Ferrajoli is no longer available for our Gala Dinner.
The CONFERENCE GALA DINNER will take place in the equally prestigious PALAZZO BRANCACCIO.
Please find below details about the gala dinner menu. 
About Palazzo Brancaccio
Palazzo Brancaccio was built at the end of the nineteenth century by wish of Salvatore Brancaccio, a member of one of the oldest families of the Neapolitan aristocracy, and his wife, Mary Elisabeth Field, a rich American heiress. The building takes shape thanks to the talent of Gaetano Koch, one of the nineteenth century most celebrated architects in Rome. Luca Carimini, another famous architect and sculptor of the time, also worked at the project.
According to the legend, the Torre di Mecenate (the tower from which Nero, in 64 AD, contemplated ecstatically the fire of Rome which he himself had set) was incorporated into Palazzo Brancaccio. 
The style of the building can be defined as Baroque Classicism in the sense that it embodies the elegance of Baroque and a line of continuity to classical Roman art. In the Palace the sinuous lines bind spaces, paintings, sculptures and mirrors, creating an effect of light and shade.
In the garden we find a Nymphaeum, enriched by a two-level waterfall, and a Coffee House.
About the menu

 Succo alla mela verde
Green apple juice
Succo ai frutti rossi
Red fruits juice
Frittini al cartoccio serviti a girobraccio
fried fish and/or vegetables
Petites bouches caviale rosso, nero e salmone servite a braccio
small appetizers with red caviar, black caviar, salmon
Millefoglie di melanzane su specchio di pomodoro con mousse di basilico 
Eggplant Mille-feuille with tomato sauce and basilic
Risotto radicchio, provola e champagne
Risotto with chicory, provola cheese, and champagne sauce
Bocconcini di vitella salvia e champagne su coroncina di patate
Veal bites with sage and champagne sauce, accompanied by potatoes
Tris di asparagi
Carpaccio di salmone su letto di rucola e melograno con dadola all'arancio 
Salmon carpaccio on bed of rucola, pomegranate, orange
Paccheri di Gragnano agrumi e gamberi con julienne di limone
Special Gragnano Pasta with oranges, prawns, and thin slices of lemon 
Filetto di spigola in crosta di patate con patate chips
Seabass Fillet in potato crust and chips
Millefoglie di verdure al basilico
Vegetable Mille-feuille with basil
Millefoglie di melanzane su specchio di pomodoro con mousse di basilico
Eggplant Mille-feuille with tomato sauce and basil
Ravioli di ricotta e pistacchi con gazpacho di pomodorini e salsa al pistachio
Ravioli stuffed with ricotta cheese and pistachio flavoured by tomato gazpacho and pistachio sauce
Strudel vegetale
Vegetable strudel
Flan di zucchine alle mandorle e germogli al balsamico di Modena
Zucchini Flan with almonds and sprouts flavoured with Modena balsamic vinegar
White wine: Falanghina
Red wine: Montepulciano d'Abruzzo
Tiramisu grand marnier
Amaro, Limoncello, Mirto, Grappa