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Thursday, 14 May 2015

14:00 - 14:30

Plenary session - Welcome addresses

Chairperson: Roberto Ciccone - Università Roma Tre
Location: Aula Magna

Welcome addresses from the representatives of the three organizing Universities and the Eshet President 

14:30 - 15:30

Plenary session - Blanqui Lecture

Chairperson: Gilbert Faccarello - Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas
Location: Aula Magna

Roger Backhouse, Mauro Boianovsky

Secular stagnation: history of a macroeconomic heresy

Secular stagnation, draft 1_18.pdf

15:30 - 17:00

Session A01: Interpreting Sraffa

Chairperson: Annalisa Rosselli
Location: Room 14

Session A02: Linking Smith and Ricardo on the theory of value

Chairperson: Amos Witztum
Location: Room 11

Ricardo on Adam Smith

Aspromourgos Tony
(Discussant: Ruellou Thomas )

Session A03: Perspectives on Veblen

Chairperson: Eleonora Sanfilippo
Location: Room 16

J.A. Schumpeter and T.B. Veblen on Economic Evolution: The dichotomy between Statics and Dynamics

Rainer Andreas, Schuetz Marlies
(Discussant: Torres Godinez Erika )

The notion of habit in Veblen: pragmatist or not?

Araz Takay Bahar, Güler Aydın Derya, Özel Hüseyin
(Discussant: Sanfilippo Eleonora )

Session A04: Debating money and interest rates 1

Chairperson: Sylvie Diatkine
Location: Room 18

Session A05: Economic reformers

Chairperson: Alfonso Sánchez
Location: Room 19

De Viti de Marco, the European War and President Wilson

Martelloni Francesco, Mosca Manuela
(Discussant: Solari Stefano )

Paul van Zeeland: a money doctor in the tradition of Edwin W. Kemmerer?

Gomez Betancourt Rebeca, Maes Ivo
(Discussant: Schiffman Daniel )

Abba Lerner in Israel, 1953-1956

Schiffman Daniel, Young Warren , Zelekha Yaron
(Discussant: Maes Ivo )

Session A06: Social costs and cost-benefit analysis

Chairperson: Nathalie Sigot
Location: Room 12

Session A07: The nature of economic laws

Chairperson: Vladimir Avtonomov
Location: Room 20

On the nature of economic laws: from A.Smith till A. Marshall

Hardt Lukasz
(Discussant: Avtonomov Vladimir )

From the Ergodic Hypothesis to the Ergodic Axiom

Kirstein Mark
(Discussant: Carabelli Anna Maria )

Session A08: Developing Keynesian intuitions

Chairperson: Robert Dimand
Location: Room 15

Session A09: Issues on the history of econometrics

Chairperson: Paolo Paesani
Location: Room 21

Session A10: Battles on method

Chairperson: André Lapidus
Location: Room 22

Controversies in Traditions in Thought: The Case of Scottish Political Economy

Demals Thierry, Hyard Alexandra
(Discussant: Naldi Nerio )

The Battle of the Methods

Quintanilla Carlos, Villarespe Veronica
(Discussant: Chaplygina Irina )

17:30 - 19:00

Session B01: Special session: Media effects in political economy 1830s, 1860s, 1930s, 1970s


Chairperson: Roger Backhouse
Location: see C10

Session B02: Technical change and technological learning: the Cambridge controversy over the theory of capital revisited

Chairperson: Lefteris Tsoulfidis
Location: Room 15

Schumpeterian Adaptation and Labour Shortage

Haas David
(Discussant: Paraskevopoulou Christina )

Technical Change in Different Traditions of Economic Thought

Kurz Heinz D.
(Discussant: Callari Antonio )

Session B03: Interpreting Sraffa and his connections

Chairperson: Nerio Naldi
Location: Room 11

Session B04: Perspectives on Say's law

Chairperson: Susumu Takenaga
Location: Room 16

Session B05: Debating economic liberalism

Chairperson: Manuela Mosca
Location: Room 18

Session B06: Modeling macroeconomic phenomena

Chairperson: Óscar Dejuán
Location: Room 19

Session B07: Ethical controversies on labour and slavery

Chairperson: Ragip Ege
Location: Room 20

Classical political economy and slavery

Coutinho Mauricio
(Discussant: Cot Annie L. )

Controversies about the right to work (Paris, 1848)

Diatkine Daniel
(Discussant: Coutinho Mauricio )

The Role of British Economists in the ‘Equal Pay For Equal Work’ Controversy

Chassonnery-Zaïgouche Cléo, Cot Annie L.
(Discussant: Gualerzi Davide )

Session B08: Debating the effects of the Great Depression

Chairperson: Muriel Dal Pont Legrand
Location: Room 21

Session B09: Bibliographic and correspondence analysis

Chairperson: Rebeca Gomez Betancourt
Location: Room 12

Session B10: Debating general equilibrium

Chairperson: Claire Pignol
Location: Room 22

Friday, 15 May 2015

09:00 - 10:30

Session C01: Working on Sraffa's unpublished papers 1

Chairperson: Irina Eliseeva
Location: Room 14

Sraffa's Lectures on "Advanced theory of value" 1928-1931

Trezzini Attilio
(Discussant: Signorino Rodolfo )

Classical Economics after Sraffa

Kurz Heinz D., Salvadori Neri
(Discussant: Andrews David )

Session C02: Issues in Marxian theory

Chairperson: Fabio Ravagnani
Location: Room 11

Session C03: Controversies on economic growth

Chairperson: Hans-Michael Trautwein
Location: Room 16

Skilling and Deskilling Technical Change in Classical Economic Theory and its Empirical Evidence

Brugger Florian, Gehrke Christian
(Discussant: Levrero Enrico Sergio )

Development of the Concepts of Long-wave Economic Dynamics

Nureev Rustem
(Discussant: Raybaut Alain )

Growth Economics and Neoclassical Synthesis in the 1960s

Assous Michael, Manseri Sonia
(Discussant: Trautwein Hans-Michael )

Session C04: The German historical school

Chairperson: Bertram Schefold
Location: Room 18

Session C05: Unemployment, full employment and the Phillips curve

Chairperson: Ingo Barens
Location: Room 15

Session C06: Vices and virtues in a market economy

Chairperson: Richard Van Den Berg
Location: Room 19

Smith's Invisible Hand: Controversy Is Needed

Di Mario Flavia, Micocci Andrea
(Discussant: Witztum Amos )

Bernard Mandeville and the Foundations of Political Economy

Prendergast Renee
(Discussant: Bianchi Marina )

Session C07: Debates on regulation and taxes

Chairperson: Jérôme de Boyer des Roches
Location: Room 20

American big companies and the Federal Trade Commission

Rosado Cubero Ana Isabel
(Discussant: Esposito Lorenzo )

Views on progressive taxation in Spanish economists in the 19th century

San Julian Arrupe Javier
(Discussant: Sánchez Alfonso )

The role of the State after the crisis: money, rules and functional finance

Esposito Lorenzo, Mastromatteo Giuseppe
(Discussant: de Boyer des Roches Jérôme )

Session C08: Measuring economic development

Chairperson: José Luís Cardoso
Location: Room 21

On Rostow's 'Stages' Thesis and Explanation of 'Take-Off' Growth

Smith Matthew
(Discussant: Sunna Claudia )

Human capital, give us theoretical foundations please!

Le Chapelain Charlotte, Mateos Sylvère
(Discussant: Perrotta Cosimo )

Session C09: Debating money and interest rates 2

Chairperson: Mauro Boianovsky
Location: Room 22

Hayek MV-rule: A modern approach

Potuzak Pavel
(Discussant: Fregert Klas )

Endogenous and exogenous elements of credit money

Dejuán Óscar
(Discussant: Gualerzi Davide )

Session C10: Special session: Media effects in political economy 1830s, 1860s, 1930s, 1970s

Chairperson: Roger Backhouse
Location: Room 12

11:00 - 12:30

Session D01: Young Scholars Seminar 1

Chairperson: Anna Maria Carabelli
Location: Room 14

Session D02: Debates on national accounting and econometrics

Chairperson: Lilia Costabile
Location: Room 11

A history of household panel studies (1966-97)

Edwards José
(Discussant: Rancan Antonella )

Italian early macro-econometric models (1960-1970)

Rancan Antonella
(Discussant: Dupont-Kieffer Ariane )

Session D03: International trade models

Chairperson: Harald Hagemann
Location: Room 16

The Heckscher-Ohlin-Samuelson Model and the Cambridge Capital Controversies

Kurose Kazuhiro, Yoshihara Naoki
(Discussant: Martins Nuno )

Leontief’s Paradox: Resolved or Continued?

Paraskevopoulou Christina, Tsaliki Persefoni , Tsoulfidis Lefteris
(Discussant: Erreygers Guido )

Session D04: Hilferding: debates on money and finance

Chairperson: Richard Sturn
Location: Room 18

Austrian Theories on Money: Komorzynski and Hilferding

Greitens Jan
(Discussant: de Boyer des Roches Jérôme )

Financial capital and banks' concentration in Hilferding and in Sraffa

Mastromatteo Giuseppe , Solari Stefano
(Discussant: Scarano Giovanni )

Session D05: Rationality, utility and individual behaviour

Chairperson: Steven Medema
Location: Room 19

Session D06: Public goods and public interest

Chairperson: Antoin E. Murphy
Location: Room 20

Governing the Commons. A historical perspective

Costanza Sofia, Masini Fabio
(Discussant: Christ Kevin )

Capitalism and quality of art and culture: the debate among economists

Santos Redondo Manuel
(Discussant: Lutz Adrien )

Session D07: Early classical thought on entrepreneurship and rent

Chairperson: Paolo Trabucchi
Location: Room 12

Session D08: Issues in forecasting and macroeconomic modelling

Chairperson: Leanne Ussher
Location: Room 15

Why the forecasting failure? A Hayekian and "Keynesian" answer

Giocoli Nicola
(Discussant: Tomo Shigeki )

Criticizing the Lucas Critique: Macroeconometricians’ Response to Robert Lucas

Goutsmedt Aurélien, Matthieu Renault, Pinzon Fuchs Erich, Sergi Francesco
(Discussant: Michelagnoli Giovanni )

Session D09: Controversies on consumption

Chairperson: Roberto Baranzini
Location: Room 21

Session D10: Development Economics for the XXI Century

Chairperson: Arie Arnon
Location: Room 22

The rise and fall of Development Economics in the history of Economic Thought

Gualerzi Davide, Sunna Claudia
(Discussant: Cunha Alexandre )

Albert Hirschman: Unbalanced Growth Theory

Gualerzi Davide
(Discussant: Pariboni Riccardo )

14:00 - 15:30

Session E01: Young Scholars seminar 2

Chairperson: Christian Gehrke
Location: Room 14

A Genealogy of the Concept of Merit Wants

Desmarais-Tremblay Maxime
(Discussant: Sturn Richard )

Adam Smith and International Division of Labour: A History of Misunderstandings

Schumacher Reinhard
(Discussant: Prendergast Renee )

Session E02: Perspectives on causality in non-marginalist economic theories

Chairperson: Roberto Ciccone
Location: Room 11

Causality and interdependence in Pasinetti’s works and in the modern classical approach

Bellino Enrico, Nerozzi Sebastiano
(Discussant: Ciccone Roberto )

Gramsci, Sraffa and historical causality

Ginzburg Andrea
(Discussant: Potier Jean-Pierre )

Session E03: Capital controversies 1

Chairperson: Heinz D. Kurz
Location: Room 16

Session E04: Building consensus on economic liberalism

Chairperson: Francois Allisson
Location: Room 18


Jiménez Varela Marta , Sánchez Lissen Rocío, Sanz Teresa
(Discussant: Repapis Constantinos )

Session E05: Modeling individual decision making

Chairperson: Pascal Bridel
Location: Room 19

Which economic agent does Robinson Crusoe represent?

Pignol Claire
(Discussant: Bridel Pascal )

Daniel Ellsberg and the validation of normative propositions

Zappia Carlo
(Discussant: Arena Richard )

Two Concepts of Decision

Johannes Rolf, Kesting Peter
(Discussant: Zappia Carlo )

Session E06: Keynes and policy issues

Chairperson: Sylvie Rivot
Location: Room 15

"The end of Laissez-Faire" - Keynes and the Freiburg School

Chaloupek Günther
(Discussant: Cedrini Mario Aldo )

John Maynard Keynes as advocate of price stability

Barens Ingo, Caspari Volker
(Discussant: Carabelli Anna Maria )

Session E07: Economics and scientific thought

Chairperson: Tony Aspromourgos
Location: Room 20

Session E08: Early controversies in economic policy

Chairperson: Cosimo Perrotta
Location: Room 12

Session E09: Swedish economists

Chairperson: Toshiaki Hirai
Location: Room 21

Session E10: Great controversies in law and economics

Chairperson: Nicola Giocoli
Location: Room 22


Plenary Session - Keynote Lecture

Chairperson: José Luís Cardoso - University of Lisbon
Location: Aula Magna

Murray Milgate

The winner's curse: lessons from some controversies in economic thought

17:15 - 19:15

Session F01: Religion, social justice and human rights

Chairperson: Anthony Michael Charles Waterman
Location: Room 11

Session F02: Academic and popular discourse in economics

Chairperson: Attilio Trezzini
Location: Room 16

Session F03: Debating money and credit

Chairperson: Ivo Maes
Location: Room 18

Session F04: Italian economic debates

Chairperson: Luca Tedesco
Location: Room 19

Session F05: Capital controversies 2

Chairperson: Neri Salvadori
Location: Room 12

Again on the relevance of reverse capital deepening and reswitching

Dvoskin Ariel, Petri Fabio
(Discussant: Salvadori Neri )

Value of Capital

Yagi Takashi
(Discussant: Petri Fabio )

Session F06: Society, political institutions and collective well-being

Chairperson: Marina Bianchi
Location: Room 20

A Reappraisal of Happiness Economics: Karl Polanyi and the Unhappiness-Deregulating Market System

Gurpinar Erkan, Karagoz Ufuk , Ozveren Eyup
(Discussant: Becchio Giandomenica )

What is the Role of Population in Jules Dupuit's Analysis?

Poinsot Philippe
(Discussant: Lange Jérôme )

Some Cambridge Controversies in the Theory of Capabilities

Martins Nuno
(Discussant: Chaloupek Günther )

Polanyi’s interpretation of fascism and democracy

Becchio Giandomenica
(Discussant: Ingrao Bruna )

Session F07: Debt, finance and risk

Chairperson: Ghislain Deleplace
Location: Room 15

Marx on public debt and fiscal exploitation

Forges Davanzati Guglielmo, patalano rosario
(Discussant: Serafini Gabriele )

‘Like the horses in a race’: Financial diversification before modern portfolio theory

Rutterford Janette, Sotiropoulos Dimitris
(Discussant: Marcuzzo Maria Cristina )

Liquidity risk, money market and monetary policy in Minsky's theory

Diatkine Sylvie
(Discussant: Costabile Lilia )

Session F08: Epistemology, knowledge and economics

Chairperson: Daniel Diatkine
Location: Room 21

Session F09: Working on Sraffa's unpublished papers, 2

Chairperson: Antonio Di Majo
Location: Room 14

"Forward" and "Backward" Switches, and Joan Robinson

Gehrke Christian
(Discussant: Zambelli Stefano )

Three reviews of Piero Sraffa’s Production of Commodities

Naldi Nerio
(Discussant: Bellino Enrico )

Sraffa on Taxable Income and its Fiscal Policy Implications

Levrero Enrico Sergio
(Discussant: Di Majo Antonio )

Session F10: Early classical thought on money and prices

Chairperson: Maria Pia Paganelli
Location: Room 22

Saturday, 16 May 2015

08:30 - 10:00

Session G01: On the world history of economic thought

Chairperson: Hansjoerg Klausinger
Location: Room 11

On the Russo-Austrian School of Economics: Simeon Demostenov (1886-1966) and Naum Dolinski (1890-1968)

Nenovsky Nikolay, Penchev Pencho
(Discussant: Becchio Giandomenica )

Emergence of Slovak Economic Thought: from 18th Century till 1989

Horvath Julius
(Discussant: Klausinger Hansjoerg )

Towards a World History of Economic Thought

Magliulo Antonio
(Discussant: Matsumoto Akihito )

Session G02: Classical economists and socio-economic issues

Chairperson: Gianni Vaggi
Location: Room 15

Lord William Wyndham Grenville as a Political Economist

Depoortère Christophe
(Discussant: Laurentjoye Thibault )

Jealousy of Trade in Hume and Smith

Walraevens Benoît
(Discussant: Di Mario Flavia )

Session G03: Experiments, economics and psychology

Chairperson: Ivan Moscati
Location: Room 14

Session G04: Economists and policy making

Chairperson: Mauricio Coutinho
Location: Room 18

Nassau Senior, the Whig government, and the Great Irish Famine

Furuya Hiroyuki
(Discussant: Bruzzi Curi Luiz Felipe )

Delfim Netto and the economic theory in Brazil (1950-60)

Hespanhol Gian Carlo, Saes Alexandre Macchione
(Discussant: Duarte Pedro )

Session G05: Debating industrialization

Chairperson: Antonella Palumbo
Location: Room 16

Session G06: Debating behavioural and institutional economics

Chairperson: Enrico Sergio Levrero
Location: Room 19

Economics in Blueprints: The Rivalry of Anticipations

Ananyin Oleg
(Discussant: Van Den Berg Richard )

Institutionalism versus Marxism: Are there Grounds for Reconciliation?

Sunal Seckin
(Discussant: Levrero Enrico Sergio )

Session G07: International relations between competition and cooperation

Chairperson: Matthew Smith
Location: Room 20

Session G08: Early debates on free trade and overseas expansion

Chairperson: Renee Prendergast
Location: Room 21

Session G09: Controversies on Austrian Economics

Chairperson: Bruna Ingrao
Location: Room 22

Alertness versus imagination: controversy on the role of the entrepreneur

Vivel Christel
(Discussant: Linsbichler Alexander )

The Origin of Hayek's Spontaneous Order

Tomo Shigeki
(Discussant: Özel Hüseyin )

10:30 - 12:00

Plenary session

Chairperson: Annalisa Rosselli - Università di Roma Tor Vergata
Location: Aula Magna

Reforming the Economics Curriculum: Insights from the Inet-Core Project

Diane Coyle

Discussants: Pascal Bridel, Antonella Stirati

13:00 - 14:30

Session H01: Issues in Neoclassical economics

Chairperson: Saverio M. Fratini
Location: Room 11

Session H02: Some historical controversies on the role of capital in development economics

Chairperson: Antonella Stirati
Location: Room 16

Session H03: Special session in honour of Jan Kregel

Chairperson: Richard Arena
Location: Room 14

Post-Keynesian, Post-Sraffian Economics: an outline

Roncaglia Alessandro, Tonveronachi Mario
(Discussant: Kregel Jan )

Session H04: The evolution of the Austrian School

Chairperson: Veronica Villarespe
Location: Room 19

Austrian School of Economics versus Cooperative movement and Corporatism

Trincado Aznar Estrella
(Discussant: Tedesco Luca )

The Austrian Economic Society: Its early years, 1918-1955

Klausinger Hansjoerg
(Discussant: Trincado Aznar Estrella )

Schumpeter’s Controversies on Method and the Perspectives of Economics

Sturn Richard
(Discussant: Villarespe Veronica )

Session H05: Economics and natural sciences

Chairperson: Harro Maas
Location: Room 20

Session H06: Keynes and the international economic order

Chairperson: Maria Cristina Marcuzzo
Location: Room 15

Keynes and the International Monetary System: Time for a Tabular Standard

Haas Armin, Jaeger Carlo, Töpfer Klaus, Ussher Leanne
(Discussant: Marcuzzo Maria Cristina )

Session H07: Individual behaviour and social outcome

Chairperson: Claudia Sunna
Location: Room 18

Behavioral Economics and "`New Development Economics": What's Wrong With Evidence-Based Approach?

Favereau Judith, Michiru Nagatsu
(Discussant: Ambrosino Angela )

Special Features of Corruption in Russia

Bykov Vladimir, Eliseeva Irina
(Discussant: Clement Christine )

Session H08: Ethics, economic behaviour and political rights

Chairperson: Giandomenica Becchio
Location: Room 22

Aristotle and Modernity: On Ethics, Politics and Economy

Nascimento da Silva Juliana
(Discussant: Cremaschi Sergio )

‘Reason within’, ’Reason without’ and Virtue

Ege Ragip, Igersheim Herrade
(Discussant: Sigot Nathalie )

Session H09: Modernization and the end of colonialism

Chairperson: Oleg Ananyin
Location: Room 21

14:30 - 15:45

Plenary session

Chairperson: José Luís Cardoso - University of Lisbon
Location: Aula Magna

ESHET General Assembly

with a speech of the honorary Eshet member Anthony Michael Charles Waterman