European Society for the History of Economic Thought

2019 winners of the Young Scholar Seminar

23rd Annual ESHET Conference, University of Lille, 23-25 May, "Banks, Money and Finance in the History of Economic Thought"


Tommaso Brollo (University of Siena)
Money in the debt relationship: notes on the mediaeval conceptualisation of money in Accursius and Bartolus of Sassoferrato


Patrick Fontaine Reis de Araujo, (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro)
The Formation of Modern Thought on Inflation in Brazil: from the Second World War to the Exchange Rate Crisis (1939 – 1947)


Santiago Gahn (Roma Tre University) & Pedro Sequeira-Machado (The Open University)
Piero Sraffa and the revaluation of the lira in Italy:some early thoughts on the open economy?


Soroush Marouzi (University of Toronto)
Frank P. Ramsey’s Economic Analysis of Marriage Institutions


Federica Nalli & Paolo Santori (Università di Roma LUMSA)
The Economic Principle of Political Liberalism


Lara Pittrich (University of Graz)
Reconciling Merit Wants with Consumer Sovereignty: A Critical Assessment of Rationality Axioms


Anthony Rebours (Université Paris 8)
The evolution of the Relationships between Economics and Geography (1980-2014): A Bibliometric Study