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Authors: Michele BEE and Maxime DESMARAIS-TREMBLAY
Title: The Birth of Homo Œconomicus: The methodological debate on the economic agent from J. S. Mill to V. Pareto.
Publisher: Journal of the History of Economic Thought (online Sept. 2022).

Author: Bruce J. Caldwell
Title: The Road to Serfdom After 75 Year
Publisher: Journal of Economic Literature 58:3 (Sept. 2020), 720-748

Author: David Gindis
Title: On the origins, meaning and influence of Jensen and Meckling's definition of the firm
Publisher: Oxford Economic Papers, 72:4 (2020), 966-984

Author: Herrade Igersheim
Title: The Death of Welfare Economics: History of a Controversy
Publisher: History of Political Economy, 51(5), 2019: 827-865

Author: Mauro Boianovsky
Title: Beyond Capital Fundamentalism: Harrod, Domar and the History of Development Economics
Publisher: Cambridge Journal of Economics, 42:2 (2018)

Author: Ivan Moscati
Title: How Economists Came to Accept Expected Utility Theory: The Case of Samuelson and Savage
Publisher: Journal of Economic Perspectives, 30 (2), 2016: 219-236

Author: Wade Hands
Title: The individual and the market: Paul Samuelson on (homothetic) Santa Claus economics
Publisher: European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, 23 (3), 2016: 425-452

Authors: Alberto Feduzi, Jochen Runde and Carlo Zappia
Title: De Finetti on Uncertainty
Publisher: Cambridge Journal of Economics, 38(1), 2014: 1-21

Author: Nicola Giocoli
Title: Games Judges don’t play: predatory pricing and strategic reasoning in US antitrust
Publisher: Supreme Court Economic Review, 21(1), 2013: 271-330

Authors: G. Deleplace, Ch. Depoortère & N. Rieucau
Title: An unpublished letter of David Ricardo on the double standard of money
Publisher: The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, 20(1), 2013: 1-28

Author: Richard van den Berg
Title: ‘Something wonderful and incomprehensible in their oeconomy’. The English versions of Richard Cantillon’s Essay on the Nature of Trade in General
Publisher: The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, 19(6), 2012, 868-907

Author: Hansjoerg Klausinger
Title: Hayek’s Geldtheoretische Untersuchungen New Insights from a 1925‐29 Typescript
Publisher: The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, vol. 18(4), 2011: 579-­600

Author: Daniele Besomi
Title: ‘Periodic Crises’: Clement Juglar between Theories of Crises and Theories of Business Cycles
Publisher: Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology volume 28-A: 169–283, 2010 

Author: Gilbert Faccarello
Title: The Enigmatic Mr. Graslin: A Rousseauist Bedrock for Classical Economics?
Publisher: The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, vol. 16(1), 2009: 1-40

Author: Maria Pia Paganelli
Title: The Adam Smith Problem in Reverse: Self-Interest in The Wealth of Nations and The Theory of Moral Sentiments,
publisher: History of Political Economy 40:2, 2008

Author: Hunter Crowther-Heyck
Title: Patrons of the Revolution: Ideals and Institutions in Postwar
publisher: ISIS. The History of Science Society Review, 2006, pp. 420-446

Author: Carl Wennerlind
Title: David Hume's Monetary Theory Revisited
publisher: Journal of Political Economy 2005, 1 

Author: Estrella Trincado
Title: Equity, utility and transaction costs: On the origin of the judicial power in Adam Smith
publisher: Storia del Pensiero Economico, 2004, 1

Author: Guglielmo Forges Davanzati
Title: Wages fund, high wages, and social conflict in a classical model of unemployment equilibrium
publisher: Review of Radical Political Economics 202, pp. 1-24, 2002

Author: Niccolò Guasti
Title: Mas que catastro, catastrofe. Il dibattito sull'imposizione diretta nel Settecento spagnolo
publisher: Storia del Pensiero Economico 40, 2003

Authors: Luigino Bruni and Francesco Guala
Title: Vilfredo Pareto and the Epistemological Foundations of Choice Theory
publisher: History of Political Economy, 2001

Author: Matthias Klaes
Title: The History of the Concept of Transaction Costs: Neglected Aspects
publisher: Journal of the History of Economic Thought 22(2): 191-216, 2000
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Author: Bert Mosselmans
Title: William Stanley Jevons and the Extent of Meaning in Logic and Economics
publisher: History and Philosophy of Logic 19, pp. 83-99., 1998
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