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The HISTORY OF ECONOMIC ANALYSIS AWARD is for the best article (not necessarily written in English) in the history of economic thought, published in the issue of a scientific journal during 2022 or 2023. Candidates can be from any part of the world. The winner will be invited to attend the Society Conference that follows the announcement of the prize, and will receive 500 euro.


Nominations should be sent as soon as possible, but not later than 30 December 2023 to the Chair of the relevant panel: Nathalie Sigot (

Please note also the following points

- Self-nominations are not accepted.
Nominations should include:
(i) Full bibliographic details of the article.
(ii) A short statement (in English) of why the  article merits being considered for a prize.
(iii) An electronic copy of the article, if this is available.

The final decision on the prize will be made by the Council of ESHET in Graz

Rules for Awards
- No current member of the Council, Executive Committee or Senate is eligible for an academic prize or grant awarded by ESHET.
- Nobody can receive more than one award of the Society for the same work.
- Any member of an awarding committee needs to declare the extent of his/her institutional connections and/or extent of collaboration with the persons eligible for academic prizes.


Winners of past editions


Author: Adriana CALCAGNO
Title: How industrialization became the core of Raul Prebisch’s thought
Publisher: Journal of the History of Economic Thought (2023, vol. 45).


Authors: Michele BEE and Maxime DESMARAIS-TREMBLAY
Title: The Birth of Homo Œconomicus: The methodological debate on the economic agent from J. S. Mill to V. Pareto.
Publisher: Journal of the History of Economic Thought (online Sept. 2022).

Author: Bruce J. Caldwell
Title: The Road to Serfdom After 75 Year
Publisher: Journal of Economic Literature 58:3 (Sept. 2020), 720-748

Author: David Gindis
Title: On the origins, meaning and influence of Jensen and Meckling's definition of the firm
Publisher: Oxford Economic Papers, 72:4 (2020), 966-984

Author: Herrade Igersheim
Title: The Death of Welfare Economics: History of a Controversy
Publisher: History of Political Economy, 51(5), 2019: 827-865

Author: Mauro Boianovsky
Title: Beyond Capital Fundamentalism: Harrod, Domar and the History of Development Economics
Publisher: Cambridge Journal of Economics, 42:2 (2018)

Author: Ivan Moscati
Title: How Economists Came to Accept Expected Utility Theory: The Case of Samuelson and Savage
Publisher: Journal of Economic Perspectives, 30 (2), 2016: 219-236

Author: Wade Hands
Title: The individual and the market: Paul Samuelson on (homothetic) Santa Claus economics
Publisher: European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, 23 (3), 2016: 425-452

Authors: Alberto Feduzi, Jochen Runde and Carlo Zappia
Title: De Finetti on Uncertainty
Publisher: Cambridge Journal of Economics, 38(1), 2014: 1-21

Author: Nicola Giocoli
Title: Games Judges don’t play: predatory pricing and strategic reasoning in US antitrust
Publisher: Supreme Court Economic Review, 21(1), 2013: 271-330

Authors: G. Deleplace, Ch. Depoortère & N. Rieucau
Title: An unpublished letter of David Ricardo on the double standard of money
Publisher: The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, 20(1), 2013: 1-28

Author: Richard van den Berg
Title: ‘Something wonderful and incomprehensible in their oeconomy’. The English versions of Richard Cantillon’s Essay on the Nature of Trade in General
Publisher: The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, 19(6), 2012, 868-907

Author: Hansjoerg Klausinger
Title: Hayek’s Geldtheoretische Untersuchungen New Insights from a 1925‐29 Typescript
Publisher: The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, vol. 18(4), 2011: 579-­600

Author: Daniele Besomi
Title: ‘Periodic Crises’: Clement Juglar between Theories of Crises and Theories of Business Cycles
Publisher: Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology volume 28-A: 169–283, 2010 

Author: Gilbert Faccarello
Title: The Enigmatic Mr. Graslin: A Rousseauist Bedrock for Classical Economics?
Publisher: The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought, vol. 16(1), 2009: 1-40

Author: Maria Pia Paganelli
Title: The Adam Smith Problem in Reverse: Self-Interest in The Wealth of Nations and The Theory of Moral Sentiments,
publisher: History of Political Economy 40:2, 2008

Author: Hunter Crowther-Heyck
Title: Patrons of the Revolution: Ideals and Institutions in Postwar
publisher: ISIS. The History of Science Society Review, 2006, pp. 420-446

Author: Carl Wennerlind
Title: David Hume's Monetary Theory Revisited
publisher: Journal of Political Economy 2005, 1 

Author: Estrella Trincado
Title: Equity, utility and transaction costs: On the origin of the judicial power in Adam Smith
publisher: Storia del Pensiero Economico, 2004, 1

Author: Guglielmo Forges Davanzati
Title: Wages fund, high wages, and social conflict in a classical model of unemployment equilibrium
publisher: Review of Radical Political Economics 202, pp. 1-24, 2002

Author: Niccolò Guasti
Title: Mas que catastro, catastrofe. Il dibattito sull'imposizione diretta nel Settecento spagnolo
publisher: Storia del Pensiero Economico 40, 2003

Authors: Luigino Bruni and Francesco Guala
Title: Vilfredo Pareto and the Epistemological Foundations of Choice Theory
publisher: History of Political Economy, 2001

Author: Matthias Klaes
Title: The History of the Concept of Transaction Costs: Neglected Aspects
publisher: Journal of the History of Economic Thought 22(2): 191-216, 2000
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Author: Bert Mosselmans
Title: William Stanley Jevons and the Extent of Meaning in Logic and Economics
publisher: History and Philosophy of Logic 19, pp. 83-99., 1998
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